Critical Appraisal of Cash o’Matic by Net Entertainment

The first thing that gets sacrificed when game designers try anything new is usually their sanity. The Cash-O-Matic slot machine by NetEnt may appear and feel as complicated as mathematics, but just because something is out-of-the-ordinary doesn’t mean it’s terrible. Cash-O-Matic is a solid slot machine that you may come to like playing. It has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 ways to win thanks to a symbol drop gaming engine that locks in winning combinations while fresh symbols drop into position, leading to multipliers of up to 50x during the Free Spins bonus round. The game is not nearly as difficult as it first looks to be, and it can be played from 20 cents to 400€ each spin across all platforms.

Cash-O-Matic is designed to seem like a classic cash machine, and it features a loop of Oompah music that is both odd and fascinating (creative designer Hani Jazzar characterized it as a “saloon-y ragtime-y soundtrack”). The visual aesthetic is lavishly art deco, with gold as the dominant color. The visuals aren’t exactly thrilling. When it comes to graphic design, this is one of the rare instances that NetEnt has failed to impress; that is, unless you consider Spinsane, which we examined just before this one.

The Cash-O-Matic interface is split into three parts: the multiplier meter on the far left, the scatter counter in the middle, and the 5×4 grid on the far right. The gemstone colors of purple, blue, green, and red, as well as the royal values of A, K, Q, J, and 10, populate the grid. Five of the red star-shaped gems will return one time your initial wager. The 1024 win ways eliminate the need to keep track of individual paylines, as any combination of symbols on any two or more adjacent reels from the first reel will result in a win.

Features of Cash-O-Matic (by NetEnt)

The core of Cash-O-Matic is the Avalanche feature, a symbol-dropping gaming engine. Symbols land on the grid instead of rotating on reels. If a winning combination is produced by an Avalanche, those symbols will remain in place and slide to the bottom of the grid, while the remaining symbols are cleared out to make room for another Avalanche. As long as new pairs of symbols keep popping up, the process will continue.

A Multiplier function is also available, as was indicated earlier. It goes into effect whenever a winning combination appears in a row, awarding multipliers of 1, 2, 4, or 10 times the bet for 1, 2, 3, and 4 winning rows, respectively.

In the Free Spins bonus round, triggered by getting 10 or more scatter symbols in a row (the scatters are stacked), the Multiplier function is put to even better use. Now, scatters award one additional free spin, upping the potential bonus round total to twenty or more. Each completed row will award you with one additional spin, making it possible to retrigger the feature. In addition, the quantity of gathered scatter symbols determines the degree of the feature’s multiplier:

With 10-14 scatters, you’ll receive multipliers of 2x, 4x, 8x, and 20x, respectively.

With 15-19 scatters, you may expect multipliers of 3x, 6x, 12x, and 30x, respectively.

If you get 20 or more scatters, you’ll unlock four tiers of multipliers (5x, 10x, 20x, and 50x).

NetEnt’s Cash-O-Matic Slots: Final Say

NetEnt claims that during a simulation of 500 billion spins, no winnings greater than 10,000x occurred. The genuine max potential is roughly 2000 times your bet (once every 22 million spins) yet you’re more likely to get 500 to 1000x winnings at the absolute best on this slot.

To be honest, Cash-O-Matic isn’t the most visually appealing slot, and the gameplay might seem a bit monotonous at first, but if you realize its potential and give it some time, you might grow to really enjoy it. For us, the machine evolved from a bewildering jumble into something rather endearing and fascinating.

Even although Cash-O-Matic is made up of bits and pieces of other games, such as Bonanza for example with its mix of growing multipliers and cascading symbols, it’s without question a unique slot that feels extraordinarily well balanced and well-thought-out.






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