National Look-Alike Day has five available timeslots.

The 20th of April is National Look Alike Day, a holiday commemorating the discovery of unrelated persons who resemble one another strikingly. It was established in 1980 after TV reporter Jack Etzel saw a man who looked just like Humphrey Bogart. After being observed in the United States for the past four decades, National Look Alike Day has spread around the globe. We didn’t want to be left out, so we searched for and identified five fantastic machines that we believe are ideal for this event.

The Rocket Men

Red Tiger Gaming launched this five-reel slot machine in 2017. The two main characters, Kim and Don, are blatant caricatures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and former American president Donald Trump, respectively. They aren’t meant to be those people—that would be incredibly disrespectful—but their resemblance is uncanny.

When you activate one of the game’s many bonus features, you’ll see that Kim and Don’s favorite pastime is having temper tantrums and shooting rockets at each other. Boom Time, Nuclear Spins, Kim’s Little Game, Don’s Driving Range, and more are just a few of the interesting names for these extras.

Rocket Men is a game that every fan of National Look Alike Day should play this week since it has fantastic cartoon-style graphics and sounds, loads of humor on every screen, and features that trigger just as often as Don and Kim do.

Rocket Man is now available at PlayOJO Casino.

L.J. Jones plays Cleopatra.

Spearhead Studios’ Lara Jones is Cleopatra, starring a young woman who likes to spend her weekends rifling around tombs, will be released in 2020. What’s that you say? Do we agree? She sounds like Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider video games nearly verbatim. Even stranger is the fact that she has a striking resemblance to the original. Besides the top hat and the cane, of course. Those appear like they were lifted straight from the adventures-loving Indiana Jones.

After you get past the unbelievable timing of it all, you’ll want to dive into the game. It’s a five-reel slot machine with Egyptian themes and stone slabs for symbols. Lower-value symbols are the standard playing card ranks, while Scarab, Eye of Horus, Cleopatra, and Lara Jones herself are the highest-paying icons. Cleopatra looks strikingly similar to Lara Jones, leading some to speculate that the fearless explorer once lived a double life as the Egyptian queen.

The visuals and gameplay in this game are superb. If you hit three tombs, she’ll enter the tomb and play ten free games with sticky wilds. There is no sarcasm meant.

HD Super Heroes

SuperHeroes HD comes along right when you thought there couldn’t be any more games like it. This is a five-reel slot machine that takes its cues from the world of comic books, and it has various heroes who are strikingly similar to those featured in other games. One such individual is the man in the red webbed mask, who bears striking resemblance to Spiderman. There’s also a big, enraged Hulk-like guy with green skin. And there’s a dude decked out in an Iron Man-like suit, too. Who knew twins were so common?

SuperHeroes HD includes both a Bonus Game and Free Spins. Play a mini-slot machine and fill in a portrait of a superhero to unlock the Bonus Game. You can try your luck at earning real money with no commitment with to the Free Spins feature, which awards 10 free spins.

The Las Vegas Elvis Frog

If you visit Las Vegas, you’re likely to see several people who resemble Elvis Presley. That’s not surprising, considering the abundance of professional Elvis impersonators in Sin City. The fact that Elvis Frog in Vegas is a green amphibian sets him different from the other professionals in his field.

This vibrant slot machine has high-quality sound and graphics. A guitar, a pink Cadillac, a microphone, and other objects serve as symbols. There are other bonus features that may be activated, and any main game win will give you the chance to wager for extra. Some of these features are the blazing reels, the coin respin, and the tutti-fruity jackpot.

Don’t cry, Daddy, if you’re feeling lonely tonight or shaken up from everything that’s happened. Reduce your talk time and increase your doing time. Now is as good a time as any to pack your lucky charm and head to Sin City.

Crown Agent

We don’t really know where to begin praising Agent Royale, the gorgeous spy-themed slot machine. First, you need know that Red Tiger released this game in the year 2020, and that each spin awards 40 different opportunities to win. The standard 10 through Ace playing card symbols, dice, martini glass with shaker, sports automobile, and bomb with detonator fill the reels.

As he defends the globe from evildoers, this special agent does, in fact, like martinis and gambling. Like the fictional character James Bond, who has universal appeal. In Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royale, Bond uses the alias “007” on the job and is shown to like gambling. He’s also authorized to take life.

It just so happens that Agent Royale possesses a valid Licence to Spin. If you’re lucky enough to see three Licence to Spin symbols anywhere in view, you’ll enter a bonus round where you’ll be awarded eight free games. To increase your chances of winning during the free spins phase, Agent Royale acts as a wild and remains on the reels the entire time.






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